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How do I prevent it. This one person always finds my location no matter what I do


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I need to know how someone is figuring out where I am and who calls my phone no matter what I do. We both have iPhones but I never let this person get ahold of my phone. He might of at one point a while ago but not anytime recently and he still figures out where I am and who I spoke to. How is that possible ?

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Unless the person is GOVT., then they've hacked you at some point without you even knowing.

I'd suggest factory resetting your iPhone, removing permissions from apps that requires information like - Location, Contacts, Messages, etc., and turning off Location settings.

If you do the above, this *should* put some limitations to people from "tracking" you.

You may also need to consider that the person really could not have had access to your phone and they're tracking you another way. If you're really concerned about your safety, you should go to your local police department and get a restraining order or something.

Edit: If you're really paranoid like me (hurhurhur), just get a burning phone - change numbers / sim cards from time to time.

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For a start, DON'T go installing anything else from unknown sources, on here or off. That would just be suicide. I'm not completely aware of how Apple smartphones work primarily because I've never had one. What I do know however is there is a feature built into Apple smartphones which allows you to track devices based on their phone ID (or something like that?). I don't know the specifics but I read somewhere that if you can hold of the device unique number (?) you can effortlessly track it's location.

Again, this is not bona-fide factual information I'm providing but a clearly tangled assumption based on articles I've read. I don't know if it was a temporary vulnerability and has since been patched or whether it's a feature built into iPhone. Also, it's not difficult to imagine that you've been infected with spyware.  From what I'm aware and again I'm no expert with Apple in the slightest, you need to jailbreak an iPhone in order to really do anything malicious with it. I'm guessing it may be possible to jailbreak it remotely just like you can root an Android phone remotely, or at least I've read somewhere. The limitations on tracking someone with an iPhone that is NOT jailbroken reduces the range and effectiveness to which someone can do anything malicious and I'm guessing this is a built-in security function.

Again nothing I'm saying is concrete and so you are best off doing your research. However, if someone is capable of tracking you no matter what you do, it's safe to say someone has purposefully targetted you in some way or another with the sole purpose of being able to persist in their tracking.  That in and of itself should be easily guessed considering that any sort of spying with the abiity of persisting beyond a blind attack shows that whoever is behind it is continuing to attempt to track you. Some basic interventions would be to change your phone number, completely format your phone and even try and wipe it completely with some sort of software that will not just perform a surface format but will purposefully ensure that all of the selected partition has been completely wiped, and replaced with useless data that cannot be recovered very easily. For example with Windows you have special software like DBAN that will not just format your hard drive but COMPLETELY nuke the motherfudger to the point where recovering data that was once there becomes pretty pointless. The same can be said for Android devices where you can get software that can securely remove data from the device. The only downside I'm aware with most smartphones these days, they are designed by default to have data made recoverable. I know governments have pushed quite hard to have the ability to backdoor smarphone devices and find ways in and I'm guessing this would also extend to the ability of data being recoverable even if you think it isn't and so - how can you be sure that your data has been wiped and that your device has completely been reset? I don't think you can, to be honest.

One option would be to just get another phone. I'm sure that being stalked and spied on by someone else is considered a crime in your country and therefore it wouldn't be difficult to strike up an agreement with your phone provider and either get their technicians on the job and/or get a new phone altogether. Then you would have to choose new accounts across the board; all the way from your email addresses to passwords for these email addresses. You may even have to wipe any devices you have at home like your laptop, desktop etc because it may be possible the person has simply gained access to your home network and then been able to intercept traffic on it and got in the middle of this data and manipulated it to his/her advantage. It may very well be a game, or a prank, or something that isn't serious at all. The question is; do you want someone being able to freely spy on you? A global reset would be advisable. I would change ALL my passwords, set a LONG and difficult password for my home network, disable WPS, disable auto-login on my browsers, securely erase any hard drives, install a decent firewall on my home computer, decent antivirus, install recent software updates and patches, prevent any inbound connections to my home network, wipe my phone and potentially get a new one and at the least change the number. You should also report this to the police because this is a crime where I'm from (UK) and could be considered harrassment/stalking and potentially come with some sort of hacking charge as well combined. What may have started as a joke by one of your friends could actually be something a lot more serious depending on how you look at it and what sort of relationship you have with this person.

You could also setup canary tokens on your home network ie your laptop, desktop, NAS, phone etc. These tokens will trigger whenever someone accesses the same directory, loads an image or views emails etc. They can be really handy in identifying an attacker or at the least knowing when you've been compromised. You could lay these tokens around and create a honeypot whereby you can collect evidence of a breach regardless of whether you can identify the attacker. If you know someone IS breaching your devices then you can take it further and report it but also take the necessary actions. You could also lock down your home network and assign strictly known MAC addresses to login. You can do this through your router. You can also use VPN on your mobile device too, this will encrypt your connections. You can also disable your location, location settings and find ways to prevent your location leaking. Smartphones these days are treasure troves for personal information like location data and the like and it's why governments love breaching them, and they can do very easily from what I've read.

Anyway, hope this helps!
Appreciate it's a lot and may be convoluted but hope it helps :)

I'm no expert at all and so don't take my words for gospel.

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