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is there any way to get the wifi password out of HG531 v1 router page ?


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i can't get the wifi password from the router page because it's masked with stars and when i convert the type from password to text using inspect elements it gives me a wrong password
and while looking into this path
in another similar model helped me finding the password !!
but in this model
all i found was that the ssids and the wrong passwords "@1GV)Z<!"
and while looking in the network tab i found this while submitting a new password
it sends the password to this url

with this --data

is there any way to extract the password from that setcfg.cgi ?
and i tried to decrypt the router backup config file but niresoft router pass view failed to decrypt it ..

When i looked into the page file from the firmware and searched PreSharedKey

i found those if they make any sense
and i have tried to open the page with javascript turned off but still the password didn't show up !
the wrong password after trying the inspect elements trick
the wrong passwords from the page source code

any ideas other than getting it through wps would be very useful !

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