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how long to deauth a client and for subsequent capture

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Almost instantly. I tested this and was surprised, I used the deauth module to perform the test.

In case you want to know here is the setup..

LG Phone the pineapple a tp-link 722N (Easiest way to use the pineapple btw is the phone app, get it on the appstore)

I had my ipad, desktop and laptop connected to the rogue portal, soon as I hit that start button all of them disconnected within 3 seconds. If you look at your admin panel where it shows the clients you will see them drop like flies. As far as capture well that can take 2 seconds or it can take hours, depends if the client is active on the network, if they are you are in luck. I myself don't use the pineapple for that I use fluxion.

Another note is once you get the clients mac address then all you have to do is use macchanger to change, deauth the client then you attempt to join the network, yours of course.


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