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USB Switchblade - Ativa U3 support?


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Hi there,

Just wondering if there was any users with an Ativa U3 flash drive. I used the "Universal U3 Launchpad Hacker" to flash the partition, and now the LaunchPad will not display!

Anyone have a clue what I can do?!? The usb drive still works, but only opens as a folder. Helllllp!!! :)

How come U3 doesnt release the original LaunchPad or each manufacturer.

Let me know if you can help me out. Thanks!


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For those who have had this problem, for those who do in the future. I've found a temporary/permanent solution.

If you happen to lose the U3 LaunchPad.exe, and you do not have a SanDisk, or Memorex, read below to get your LaunchPad working again.


1. Download Universal U3 LaunchPad Hacker AND Unzip


2. Download this SanDisk LaunchPad provided by moonboy33 on these forums.


Here´s the normal Version (I think it´s


Here´s the blue version:


3. Unzip the 3 files (autofun.inf, LaunchPad.zip, LaunchU3.exe) to the Universal U3 LaunchPad Hacker -> U3CUSTOM folder.

4. Run "ISOCreate.cmd" found in the "Universal U3 LaunchPad Hacker" folder.

5. Run Universal_Customizer.exe

Thats it!!! Once you're instructed to plug the FlashDrive back in, after it's done flashing, you'll see the LaunchPad come back up!



I haven't done much testing yet to see if the SanDisk LaunchPad differs from your hardware manufacturers'.

In my case, I have an Ativa U3 Flash Drive and am using the SanDisk LaunchPad.

Will update here if anything is incompatible; so far, so good though!

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i did the same thing and poof*** no more launchpad ANDunlike you i couldnt access the usb at all..

i just bought it so i was ready to walk back into the store saying it was glitched or something.

i distinctively remember the lil booklet saying that you couldnt get the u3ishness back

neways thanks alot and your a life saver

*however i did like the ativa launchpad screen better*

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