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Need a little help.


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Someone has changed the admin password to our phone system. The phone resides on a Win2k server. To access the administion of the phone system you need to enter a user name and password in a dialog box. The password can only be numeric. So I was thinking that some sort a brute force should be able to hack it in no time at all. The problem is that I'm a noob when it comes hacking. Any ideas?

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ok, this request seems genuine to me. So here is my answer (since this method takes about 20 minuets to do, I doubt any mallitious user would want to use it):

Note: Any (and I mean ANY) file encrypted using EFS will be lost using this method to change passwords with out logon (the only hope of recovary is to change the password back to the old password, either way I highly recommend finding out the old password).

Another note: This assumes that the logon prompt screen saver has not been disabled.

Things you need:

Windows install disk (you won't actually be reinstalling windows)

What you must do:

1. Load the recovery console off the install disk, If it asks you for the admin password just press enter and it should go away and give you access any way.

2. cd to the windows(or winnt)/system32 directory

3. make a copy of logon.scr (to any where or any file name, it doesn't matter, it's just for backup purposes).

4. copy taskmgr.exe to logon.scr

5. Restart the computer, boot windows and wait for task manager to appear (should be 10 minuets) and go file>run>"lusrmgr.msc" (this should open the user manager and allows you to change the admin users password because it is running as system).

6. Login as admin

7. Put logon.scr back to normal (i.e. replace it with the back up you made), you don't want task manager running every time no one is logged on ;)

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