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Smoked my Tetra


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Came home from being out of town two months for work. Plugged my Tetra into the power supply laying on the shelf and there was a cracking sound. After looking more carefully I noticed that I had actually plugged it into my 48V POE switch power supply.  Found a 12V supply and plugged it in and smoke came out. After taking it apart noticed that the smoke was coming from the FR9888 DC-DC converter. Seems like it is not possible to get one in the USA so I am waiting an one to come to China.

I have my fingers crossed and hopefully the FR9888 is the only thing I smoked. Anyway I am putting red tape on all my POE switch power supplies.

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Ouch, I chuckled a bit because I’ve done something similar, twice actually. Once to a tetra actually (it wasn’t as bad yours, no smoke but I could only power it via usb. Eventually sold it on ebay) and also a hdmi recorder.

 I now write in white china marker to which device the plug goes to. Fingers crossed for you.

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Last month I smoked a Dlink DSR 500 router.  The Tetra has a resettle fuse, if it had a real one maybe it would have survived and I would only have to change the fuse. I am actually pretty sure I will be ok. Anyway I put red tape on all my POE 48vdc supplies.

Thanks for your sympathy.

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