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Vending Machine Hack


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Me and my friends once tried to put some clear plastic tape over the dollar (packaging tape). That way once it goes in you can pull it out. Never got to finish trying it though, some kid told manager on us, and we had to run from the laundry cleaner.

Manager: "Me call cops on you"

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Size and weight. I think the coin has to fall threw a sized slot thats sprung to the weight of that coin. When I was at college our metal work tutor was getting a weekly visit from the vending machine refill guy to return the bits of metal he'd fished out of the machines.

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Oh these machines cannot be duped with fake money...

They scan for weight, size, shape, composition of metals, density. And we all know paper money is on another level.

Best way is to do a steak out and see if the stock-boy uses the password interface instead of a key...

A smart person would literally hack the coin slot and splices wires till it goes boom or actually gives you credit.

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locate a npc called 'boss' complete his quest, then exchange the reward for food and rest to refill your stamina.

+1 to funny

you have acquired a new skill... you can now use humor lvl 3

... slashdot troll..

I don't use slashdot... I got that idea from theses forums, and only used it because we're already playing an MMORPG

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in the canteen in my school we use "smart cards" so we could hack them .. or you could do it the belfast way (which has happened in my school) take a chair to the glass front ... *smash*

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