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Track devices not connected to my network


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Im looking to track devices that come within range of my wifi adapter

I know devices that are not connected to a network are constantly scanning for a network to connect to and give away information such as a mac address

i just need a way to capture and log the data that is given away

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What tools do you posses? 

What you are talking about is simply capturing the SSID probe and the mac address which are easily done in Kali with Airodump-ng . I have not used that in a while though

You could use FING from the app store, free and so easy my next door neighbors cousin Lucinda could use it and she lives in a cabin  .. well the FBI is looking for her 🙂

My preferred way is with the Pineapple nano because it can spoof their SSID and when they are in range they will connect because you don't just have their 1 SSID you have them all so that phone is gonna go bonkers when it see's all of it's favorite networks 🙂 You can also use the filter to allow ONLY that person. And you can set notifications.. would be cool to have it pop a message up about it. Add it Darren 🙂 

I hope this is your phone you are tracking because you lost it or someone stole it, because if you are, you sir are one clever joker to reverse a pineapple nano in to a SSID tracking device. that is genius 🙂

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