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How long do you spend at the computer?

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i used to spend early morning to late night with breaks to get tea and beside serving.i would sit with a bag of trees testing testing testing day and night computers illuminate the entire room. i was a servant and had all the time in the world. Books actually helped my eyes and body / hospital bed with up/down controls at feet and head by printing thousands of pages via printer through ebook formats reading in bed and applying ideas on paper and transfering the final test to the screen  in the end. im still alive but many others drank and smoked them selfs to death in front of the screen. honestly it was a godsend that life changed but i learned alot through the years. I mean they taught me in school and did they think it was going to stop there. they made us and we made them.

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On 11/12/2019 at 6:47 PM, Flatlinebb said:

Hi y'all! Another IT professional here, so at least 8 hrs spent in the chair, plus it's my hobby as well, so usually more like 10-12 hrs daily. I get lost and loose all track of time. My wife calls it the Vortex of Solitude, because when I go into my home office, she doesn't see me for days. And I said I would be back in 15 mins.

This discussion makes me think of another issue - the chairs we sit in. Any recommendations for a good chair designed for our average computer time? Not necessarily a "gaming" chair, whatever that means, but a good quality supportive chair that can stand the 10 to 12 hrs we will spend it in on daily basis. Gaming chairs seem to be very popular right now, especially here in the states, but does something being "gaming" equal quality and comfort?


I don't know if you already got a good chair, but here's a good thing I use for my chair: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D5J7SL2?tag=aboutcom02thebalancesmb-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1&ascsubtag=4172321|n227a3e285996407f92dbbb7730f8d77020 (I don't use exactly this one. Mine came included with the chair)

It keeps your back straight. But the most important thing is, to put at your spine, not your butt. You have to kinda make a hollow-back, and your this thing helps you to keep it. You have to push your butt really like into the chair, as far as possible. Just watch an instruction video on youtube if this wasn't clear.


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Hard to say..job wise i sit on the computer all day, when i come home..a few hours more (part job, part hobby, part entertainment) Just my dog or my wife gets me off the screen sometimes.

wich is kinda sad...

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Most of the day lately. I'm not too worried about it. In the past I've taken intentional screen downtime, but lately I've been studying and that is more important. There aren't really any adverse health affects other than the occasional eye-strain, but I just got a pair of computer glasses through my insurance. My vision is perfectly fine, but after a while I sometimes catch myself squinting / blinking. The glasses immediately fixed that and I haven't done it since. They also filter some aspects of the blue spectrum. They were definitely worth getting in my opinion. I'm in my mid-30's now. Previously I had no squinty-blinking regardless of screen use.

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Apparently I can't edit my posts, but I wanted to clarify. I haven't noticed any adverse health affects. My diet is the same whether or not I'm behind a console, and if I want to go to the store or something like that I'll usually walk there. I'm not way out of shape or anything, but I'm not like CrossFit-type fit either. Once I get a lull in the studies I think I am going to start lifting weights and have a little gym-jock phase. I've never really tried that before and it sounds like it could be fun. Stronk haxor.

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