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Suggest USB Wifi adapter please


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hi i'm trying to get a new WiFi adapter 

i have 2 but i'm facing some problems using them in Kali Linux, i have checked and searched a lot but i'm really lost 

i have those adapter Chipset:

  • Ralink RT3070
  • Ralink RTL8812AU

and i'm looking to get a new one i found this list with more then 30 usb adapter that should support monitor mode https://www.kalitut.com/2019/04/usb-wi-fi-adapters-supporting-monitor.html .. but i don't really know what is the best to get 

so what should  i look for ? what i should check ?

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What kind of problems are you facing with your USB wifi adapters?

From what I understand, even though a wifi adapter is listed on a website as working (being capable of managed & monitor modes and packet injection) there is no guarantee that the adapter you have will contain the same chipset as of the writing of said list. Manufacturer's often change chipsets so it can be a bit of a gamble as to whether or not you'll get something that "works."

I have a small Panda PAUO5 that was said to no longer be capable of packet injection due to the manufacturer changing chipsets. However, when I got it, it worked great! Then I found an old Edimax dongle floating around in the back of a desk drawer. It worked great, even for packet injection, albeit with a very limited range.




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What version of Kali are you running?  I have an RTL8812AU based adapter running on at least 2019.1 (can't remember if I've upgraded the machine since).....have you installed the package realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms?  May or may not need a reboot after.

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