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Odd places to put LED's, post your pics here


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Well, don't know if it's been posted before, and I know most that have modded have worked with LED's which means you probably have tons of them laying around. So, dunno if I'm the only one, but I got bored and put an LED in a mint box given to me at a presentation by Sullivan. I thought it looked pretty neat for something so simple, so I figured why not start a thread.

I see so many threads over major mods, so I'm dedicating this one to the little ones that never made it :D . If you have any little trinkets that you've modded (mainly with LED"s) sitting around and they were really too insignificant to post in their own thread, then post em here.

Hope I'm not repeating anyone else with this thread, but anyway, here goes my stuff:


Battery tray from a cheap broken digital camera

Old Hard Drive LED

2 Rechargeable AAA batteries

Duct tape because the tray was metal.

15 minutes of wasted time


Top view:


Front view:




Battery Tray:


Lights Out!:


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