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Advice for new pen tester


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Hello all I am the IT manager for a small (less than 100 employees) business which employs both a wired and wireless network in the area we occupy.  The owner has asked me to pentest the network, I assured him this is probably not necessary however he insisted it be done.  I gave in figuring I could at worst gather some nice equipment and knowledge of pentesting during the process.  What device or devices would you recommend for a person who is new to the pentest arena.  I am fairly fluent is most of the "common" os's and can muddle my way around some webapp coding, so not starting from square one but new to pentesting completely.  I hold a CCNA, CCNP and a couple CCIE certs as well if that helps.



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I would say, it depends a lot...

Are we talking about a vulnerability test, or a penetration test ?
Running a scan for vulns, missing patches, or weak passwords are one thing, running a full test, is quite different. And,what is the scope for a test, how "far" are you allowed to go ?

When it comes to equipment,a  good laptop, running Kali,  some Alfa Wireless cards, and you've got  the basic gear you'll  need. Everything else,is just "nice to have", not "need to have".
But for "nice to have". A rubber ducky / Bunny, and a Odroid C2 and some lockpicks 😄 (and a veeeery patient Boss)


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