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Look at the latest addition to my desk


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Any one notice the difference?

For those who have here's a bit of back ground:

I wanted to get a laptop to replace my desktop for day to do (not particularly hardware intensive) tasks. So I wandered around places like PC World ( i know I hate them too, but buying a laptop on the Internet is just pain full), Dixsons but spotted this little steal in Currys (Advent 7901A).

£450 it cost, has a GB of RAM (Intel graphics card steals 64MB of that), Celeron M 1.6GHz. I didn't really look too closely at the hardware when I got it. In any case, got it home, have been using it for about 2 days now (it's very nearly replaced my desktop for general use).

So I opened CPU-Z today to see some pretty damn good hardware specs for the price.







This is a pretty brilliant laptop for the price, don't you agree?. I love that they didn't screw me over by fitting 2x512MB sticks. I get about 3 hours of life of this this thing from full charge, the keyboard is virtually full size (not an annoying layout)

I suspect the price was heavily subsidised by all the crapware they installed. But as soon as I saw it I didn't think twice about Installing Ubuntu, such a shame the wireless card doesn't seem to work. Never mind, Ubuntu 7 is on it's way and has a better focus on wireless network support :D, for now I have *sigh* windows XP on here, but the only actual reason I need it is because the wireless card doesn't work with Linux (properly).

It pisses me off that MS can get away with those fugly "Designed for Windows" stickers (which actually put me off buying the thing) and yet, I have never seen a "Works with Linux" sticker on any retail PC, it really does make me want to cry.

Note: These screen shots where taken with the low power mode enabled (a BIOS feature (that can be enabled or disabled using a button physicly on the laptop) that when enabled reduces the clocks speeds of the FSB, Bus, CPU and RAM while the OS is running... and you don't need any fucktard software for it to work either. Non-power reduced clocks speeds are: FSB=533MHz, Bus Speed=133MHz, CPU 1600MHz, RAM Hz=266MHz

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