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Video Transcoding


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When I convert video for my iPod the converter I use sometimes messes up the audio so that it is a couple of seconds ahead or behind the video. I was told by a friend that this usually happens when transcoding multiple videos at once. I've been doing them one at a time and it appears to be better but it's a pain because I can't really leave the computer. Would it help to do them all at once on a slower cpu or do I need to babysit them? Also would other programs using my cpu have an effect on the audio?

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I am using a program called 3GP_Converter. I found a hack on the internet that converts it to 640x480 instead of 340x240 for the new 5.5g iPods but I've had the same problems without the hack. I used Videora for a bit but didn't really like it. Does it convert to the new 640x480 and can you encode multiple files at once? My friend said he expressed problems with Videora.

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