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Hoppeye payload anyone?


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It is indeed not a good idea to move the switch while the BB is working.  With that said, this is only precautionary since most payloads do not require you to mess with the switch while they run and doing so will only change mid range what switch folder to look payloads.

Example.  If you move the switch from position 1 to 2 before the BB boots up to run payload.txt then payload.txt from switch 2.  The switch position also dictates with get_switch returns so moving it mid payload when the payload is not designed for it may cause it to look for stuff in another switch folder.

Hope-eye is a payload invented to let you know when it has passed its boot phase and entered the payload phase and is now safe to move the switch to select a payload pre-programmed.  Example is it marks what switch position you currently are in and then begins an interval of light colors representing payloads leaving 1 second wait to give you time to move switch when payload you want comes up.  It looks after the wait for a change in switch position.  If changed, that payload is ran but it uses the old switch position it saved to find all the stuff it needs in the current switch folder.  Lets just say the way it is done is safe.

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