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LEDE for MK5

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On 7/6/2019 at 1:26 PM, Mr.miYagi said:

And because  i was bored and already experimenting, i tried to flash the newest Nano 2.5.4 img...

Aaaaand its boots up. Im stuck now at the setup screen, it ask to push the reset button to continue, wich i dont have.

I tried already with a few DIP switch combination, but it didn't work. I try now:

- More DIP switch combinations

- Try to find out if some GPIO pins triggers it

- Try ro find out, how i cuould skip this part of the setup


Edit: Reset on Nano seems on gpio12, no DIP switches are 12 on mkv

Here are the MK5 GPIO's


MK5_DIP_01			1
MK5_DIP_02			13
MK5_DIP_03			15
MK5_DIP_04			16
MK5_DIP_05			11
MK5_SD_01			23
MK5_GPIO_LED_01			27
MK5_GPIO_LED_02			14
MK5_GPIO_LED_03			17


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