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Firefox + Animations = Bad?


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Firefox does occasionally have perfomance issues with animations and flashy stuff like that. I've not had it with these animated gifs but I've had firefox start chewing my CPU a couple times with pages containing masses of animations and flash stuff.

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this spinning avators things are pissing me off....slows the page right down when loading

I think they're kinda pretty. Can't say i noticed any slowdown, but then i was raised on dial up.

Wouldn't have one myself though 'cos it'd make me look like a dick who's just started playing with a cracked animation suite.

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No offense to the animated gif people but they're annoying me to the point that I added a line in my host file to block them.

If they're having a negative impact on the forum performance to our guests then I think it's time we rethink our avatar policy.

Hang on, I think I hear the kittens meowing at the door

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