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Tiger OS x86


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Hey, remember that segment on OS X86 harrison did a while back?

I was curious if ne of you tried it. I did, and it works fine, the only thing is, have any of you gotten your Windows based wireless network cards to work with it? i really really REALLY badly want mine to work with it. So if ne one has ne info on this, please pass it my way. Thanx.

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No drivers for it... and very unlikey that there will be. Apple don't want you running OSX on anything but a Mac (atm) and unlike the XP on a Mac projects, they will sue/invoke the DMCA if people start promoting it to much.

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Cool! Is there anyway of pulling a compatibility list out of OSXx86? I'd quite like to try this, but as with Linux lack of wifi means i won't use it. I'm using a Dell X300 with a Dell Wireless 1400 card, so i doubt mine would work.

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