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arp across a firewall after vpn


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I have a pineapple and a squirrel.

Wondering if I can use the squirrel to accomplish task.

Normal operation - all components on a LAN.

1. client software attaches to a camera by:

a) sending a broadcast packet,

b) on reply pings address

c) on reply, sends arp request

d) on reply communicates on layer 3 with camera

Problem - discover camera at a distance.

Layer 2 packets will drop after a few hops.

1. camera on lan side of a vpn firewall

2. vpn established

3. client is able to exchange pingsĀ  with camera through tunnel but not the needed layer 2 handshakes.

4. is it possible to inject the layer 2 handshakes from the lan side into the tunnel so that the client sees them?


Mark L.

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