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DYS - wii mouse for ur computer (hack)


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Okay first off i didnt make this hack.

It will allow you to use your wireless optical mouse just as you would use the Nintendo wii but with allot more interaction with it! this would be something we could surely use!

Picture this next episode You show us how to make this controller but a bit better, and the show after that maybe we can do it live with a nice unrealtournament match? (1v1) idk 8) im just too excited about this right now... im currently making this hack my self.

~hope u all like this

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works simple and nice,.......

but i guess it'd b advised to have som modded drivers or somethin ....

i have my ouse set to uber sensative (16.2) so i wouldn't b able to play cs with one of these .... .

also the sock like casing just doesn't look good to me ....

if wess would b able to give it a coll body that'd b something i'd like to see :P

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