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has anyone tried a full 600 MB ISO loaded on the drive?


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I tried on non U3 ISO BartPe , BackTrack and Auditor, each one is about 650 Mb , no problems , booting from usb.

you mean that you made a non-U3 a U3 and then loaded a large U3?

if so, thats an answer.

I have noticed that the boot partition is almost exactly the size of the ISO, which would suggest that there isn't a predetermined partition size. (example, the dummy ISO is very small, almost zero)

So there shouldn't be any reason that it wont work.

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Guest Twilight Zone

I have non U3 flash drives ..On that site you have several ways to make hacks with ISO and booting and Linux platforms , for both (U3 and non U3) USB drives.Just do better research like I did one or two month before...I dont have time now to search again all relevated links on that page.

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