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Which graphics card??


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So im buying a new computer, i have everything ready to order apart from the graphics card, i relies that in a few months or so more DirectX 10 cards will start appearing and therefore the prices of DirectX 9 cards will drop.

But untill that happens I still want to be able to play games at a descent, playable frame rate, they dont have to be on high setting minium will do. So which graphics card do you guys recommend? (sub £100 about $160)



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My 5200FX was 40 quid new I think, that'd be fine for me, 'cept someone gave me a 9250 for nothing so I figured I'd use it, it's better than the card I paid 40 quid for and someone was giving it away... amazing, isn't it?

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Geforce-5 cards have aged very badly, so avoid them if you want to play any games made in the past year. You can get a GeForce 6800LE for about £60-£70 (which you can then unlock and overclock), or a GeForce 7600GT if you've got PCI-E.
I completely agree about the 5series aging badly.

The reason I bought the 5700 was so I could sell my 6800GT to afford the jump to PCI-e. (DFI nForce 4 ultra, A64 3500+, and 1gb of kingston value ram for 150$)

The 5700 can't really play any of my games I play.

(But I have been getting back into CS 1.6 cause of it) :)

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i got a 7900GT and it does the job just fine.

Same here :P

EVGA one. Kick @$$ card. Plays every game with maxed out options and still has awesome FPS. NVIDIA FTW.

Other than that... I agree with neochivers, 7600GT. Best bang for the buck.

I want to see how the new ATI's are going to be now, though, since AMD bought them. :?

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