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C++ program to "read" from temperature sensor on G


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OK, Im a little stumped so hopefully someone here can give me some help. Im an ok c++ programer, but if you know of how to do it in another language i can probubbly figure it out how to do it by looking at the syntext of your code so please dont hesitate to post. This is my first time trying this so be patient if I ask a dumb question.


I am trying to figure out how to read from the temperature sensor on my ati radeon X1600 crossfire with a simple c++ program. I know it can be done. There are several programs which do it: ATI tool, some other overclocking apps, and the overdrive feature in the ATI software itself. Ive already asked the developers of these programs for a little help but no response has been given.

note: all of the documentation I have read thus far hasnt been very useful.

**almost forgot, Im developing this for windows**

Ultimately the entire program is going to control a LCD through a serial port and display system information and ect. I will share the beta with the community once I am finnished.

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thanks cooper. I already got it and a few others and have been disassembling them and what not to try and figue out the code. Also, ATItool created by WIZZARD (credit where credit is due) provides some source if you delve into the program files a bit.

So i guess it was a good Idea but its been done lol.

**JUST as another note most of these programs seem to just access the log for the the information instead of the hardware itself. Im not exploring this any further no need to reinvent the wheel.

thanks, monitors you can delete this thread.

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