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FC5 and Flash??


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VaKo, have you gone mad? He's talking about FC5 (Fedora Core 5!).

nope, i'm stoned and i missed the fendora core bit... well... fuck knows what i thought... sorry, you can start the beating now...


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The funny thing is i just upgraded my system this morning from FC4 to FC5 and everything else worked perfectly. Just this silly plugin thing is pissing me off. Not really a system critical function but would be nice to have so i can view all those funny YouTube videos.

Heres what Macromedia says to do

1. Click the "Download Now" button. A dialog box will appear asking you where to save the Installer.

2. Save the Installer to your desktop and wait for the file to download completely.

3. Unpackage the file. A directory called install_flash_player_7_linux will be created.

4. Navigate to this directory and from the command line type ./flashplayer-installer to run the installer (Note: this can only be run from the command line). The installer will instruct you to shut down your browser(s).

5. Once the installation is complete, the plug-in will be installed in your Mozilla browser. To verify, launch Mozilla and choose Help > About Plug-ins from the browser menu.

Or they say to just drop the files in the Plugins folder, which is what i did.

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