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Z80 assembly anyone?


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I'm in the process of building a z80 based computer and just wondered if anyone here knows of a good source for z80 asm tutorials or any other online help? I already program in several versions of basic and have been programming in c++ for about 2 years.

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A quick google and a little searching got me this:


No idea if it's any good. There are however several emulators for the Z80 that should allow you to try playing with this without too much worries.

Turns out the chapters on the actual PROGRAMMING of the thing are missing.

Try these PDFs instead:




These parts comprise the Lance Leventhal book "Z80 Assembly Language Programming".

Combined with a Z80 assembler you should be good to go.

Please keep us posted on your progress. This sounds like a really fun thing to get into, and a great learning esperience.

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Thanks. I'll look these over tonight.

I'm hoping for a system like the one linked to below.


And here is the video of the final output he got (simply amazing for a home built system with only 64k of ram. looks on par with the c64)

Video demo


Version 1 of my system will be basic.

#1. No sound

#2. Simple text only output (likely to be on a 40x4 lcd)

#3. simple keypad (or a ps/2 keyboard if i can get the parts)

It will be built in a way that adding sound and better video will be as simple as dropping in a new card and re-flashing the rom. Figure I can get my hands on 8-bit isa sockets cheap so I'll use that for a bus (why re-invent the wheel) but it will not be pin compatible to the pc isa bus.

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I'm almost to the point of the first prototype but have hit a snag at the video card. I really want a true card with it's own ram and such but whats the best way to do this? I'm thinking about making the video card a z80 based device on it's own (to do 320X200x16 or even full 480i/p at 256).

For now I may just use a 40x4 lcd as they are simple to program and can run off a serial port. Once I finish the schematic I'll post it (perhaps another week, still finding errors).

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Still alive and working.

What’s done

Power control circuit (was harder than it sounds)

Bus (could still get a few changes but I feel it's done)

What I'm working on now

ps/2 keyboard (sounds simple)

ps/2 mouse (even simpler I think :? )

What has yet to be though about

video card

sound card

any programming

I am going to build this as an atx board(the first prototype will be just a collection of boards). It will use a standard atx case and power supply. The main board will have the processor and the ps/2 ports plus any serial / parallel ports I decide to include(might just stick with the atx standard of 2 serial and 1 parallel).

I'd like the full 64k of ram but I'm not sure how to do this. I know I'm going to need some rom and that will eat into the 64k(thinking 8k rom will be enough). Also what about video memory? can a card have it's own dedicated ram and have no effect on system ram (really thinking of a z80 based video card).

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