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PC Wont Turn On Anymore Oppps ?


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Hello, well the other day i had to format one of my hard drives so i unpluged the one that was in and repluged my new HDD. I pluged the IDE in fine then when i pluged in the power i kind of messed up, pluged it the wrong way round ( i know they will not fit but i mean the pins touched and a spark came off them ) :oops: . so i have put the 12 to the 5 and 5 to 12 !! .... and my PC wont turn on now, im not sure why any one know what the source of the problem could be ? I hope its the PSU :?



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Yeah, I’ve pulled that one, the HDD was well and truly dead and the PSU tripped, but once it had cooled down it booted fine.

The only spare disk I had at the time was 240 MB. I just managed to squeeze on win98, then I had to compress the damn thing to fit the drivers on. I had 6 mb of free space left for web browsing.

It was loads of fun, it was just after I first got broadband installed.

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