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PineAP booted


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Having issues with the PineAP daemon staying enabled.

Device has been factory reset

Running firmware version 2.5.4

OS: Kali (Virtualbox)

SD Card installed (no modules)

I have attached system logs and dmesg logs. I have been using the device for the past 3 days just fine. The only thing that I did differently last night was to switch the  "Autostart PineAP:" from disabled to enabled.

I start the PineAP daemon, run a 30 second recon scan and no results. Hit start again and get the message that PineAP needs to be enabled. I have tested this with and without the SD card. Same results.


dmesglogs.txt syslogs.txt

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I tried a few more tests after creating this topic and still was having issues. I gave up and put the device away. Today I tested the device again and now seems to be working. All recon time scans used and PineAP stayed up. I am not sure if this issue will pop up again but for now looks like we are working fine. I'll test it before my next engagement.


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