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Bash Bunny Black Box Boondoggle


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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently doing an assessment of a literal black box with a USB port. I thought about using the Bash Bunny to extract information to see what system is being used on the other side of that port. When I plug in the Bash Bunny, I get a solid green light. 

I am trying to run the LinuxInfoGrab payload. This payload executes on any laptop test system I use but will not execute when plugged into the black box. I'm thinking one of two things. Either the port is strictly just power or it connects to a system that is running an OS other than Windows or Linux (VxWorks maybe???). 

The reason I say it might just be a power port is because when I plug the bunny into a USB battery, I get a solid green light response as well. However, I've never used the bunny in a system that is not Windows or Linux.

If anyone has any insight, I'd love to know your ideas. Also, if you know of a payload that might tell me what's going on with that mystery port, I'm all ears. Thanks for your help!


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Hello Skinny,

I'm not an experienced Bash Bunny user, but maybe I can help with some ideas!

First of all, does this black box have a display? Or is it headless?

The payload you are using depends on a lot of specific conditions to work, first it requires the Bash Bunny to be automatically mounted, the path it expects to the mount location does not work on all distros. Then, the Bunny will behave as a HID to call ALT + F2 to open a run dialog, open xterm and execute a bash script, assuming there is a graphical session, it is unlocked, display environment have the ALT + F2 shortcut and xterm is installed. Basically, a lot of conditions should be met for the payload to work.

You could use the nmapper payload and customize the nmap options. I suggest

nmap -O --fuzzy -sV [-p- -A] $HOST_IP

If you have enough time, add the flags between the brackets to get a more complete report.


I hope this helps you in your assessment! Please post updates!

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