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School LanParty (very possible and fun, no install no trace)


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I found a copy of Cube ( one or two will work) www.cubeengine.com

Cube is a fps in full 3d, simillar to quake and rasterwerks.

Using a .bat file you can run a server on a school pc.

If you school blocks setup programs do what I did.

Install the game on your pc and burn off the contents of c:program filescube to a cd. If your really ambitious do what I did.

Make a copy for every pc. Our schools pcs go by name. Ex: hs204pc01 hs204pc02 standing for the name of the school, room, and pc number. In the computer lab we have 20 pcs setup this way. I ran off 20 cds each with cofig different so that the names would automatily be set to whatever pc they were using. Through in a keybing for quick game shutdowns and an autorun.inf file and you have a nice system going!

Once in the game players will connect to the temporary server and will be able to vote, change name, etc. The settings they change will last until the game is shutdown. So the cd will be default each time.

Some ppl may even bet on games (unlikly at my school, but just an idea)

Anyway my school lan party was awsome!!!!

And I have a kool pc game controler (retractable 10 or 20 bucks at walmart)

that helped me play a bit. Anyway game controls are simillar to that of ut2k4 (unreal tournament 2004) so give it a try, if you ask me its worth the time and effort. Not to mention if an Admin didn't like you playing games that fact is that this portable system will not leave a trace. Let me know what you think.

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even though you'll probably get in trouble, i think it's a great idea. DOWN WITH ORGANIZED EDUCATION!!!! LETS ALL PLAY GAMES!!!

See heres a guy who understands!

(not to mention I help with the school website a while back so I can do what I want with the comps there, except access admin areas of the system)

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sriously EVERYTHING I try is BLOCKED .. its too secure .. its too secure and not usable enough .. come on wecan access image.goolge.com google image search)

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sriously EVERYTHING I try is BLOCKED .. its too secure .. its too secure and not usable enough .. come on wecan access image.goolge.com google image search)

I've got a fix for you!

Goto www.logmein.com

setup a free account, then keep ur computer on,

when u get to school goto logmein.com to remote control ur pc,

now ur using your home internet connection with no blocks.

If logmein is blocked put firefoxportable on a flash drive or cd,

then go to settings and make sure its on direct connect, then goto.


That should work just fine.

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Wow, thats bad luck.

I dont know what else to tell you.

The only other thing I can think of is using a vnc solution and a java client, connect to ur ip would connect you, this shouldn't be blocked because I dont think the school would have ur ip to block it. and if they ever do block it use the ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew command on ur pc to get a new ip (or use dyndns.com) so u dont need to remember new addresses, and if that dont work. Ur *instert comment here*

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Static Ip .. trust me my school is locked da shit just like every other school in the C2K reach. The main reason i haven't found a hole is because I dont have a chance to tinker with them.

BUT I next wed/thur I will be helping out in the "open night", my effort will be put into the IT dept. IE 5 hours to faf about on school pcs ...

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In High School we used to play Quake, out network was lousy. It was NT4 I think but it has hacked to bits by RM (Research Machine), it was actually really really funny we could gain access to C: by accessing task manager on start up and closing all the RM processes so the security settings never got applied.

We could have done a lot, problem was it was so easy it wasn't even a challange, we where later delegated Printer / User Admin rights as we did a lot of work during lunch / helped out teachers / juniors.

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