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Just started an interest in SDR and bought a NooElec NESDR Mini 2 SDR receiver with a tiny whip antenna. I got a copy of 'CubicSDR' which I set up and got working, but can't get any audio except for a load of varying static, but the graphics are great.

I expect the Whip Antenna is the cause of my problems. I've stuck it outside my window at present, but at 6 inches long its not going to pick up much is it. So I bought a Discone 2000 25 To 2000 MHz Antenna which I should at least get some audio out of if nothing else. I also bought a 20ft mast in 4 sections that will put the Antenna above the roof of my bungalow.

Now I need 30ft of coax cable and a male and female N-type connector for each end of the coax cable, so could someone suggest the right type please as well as a 'Pigtail' to connect the end of the coax cable to the NooElec NESDR Mini 2 SDR receiver. A book on SDR for beginners would be helpful because once the Cubicsdr is running I'm sat there kind of clueless looking at all the numbers and wavey lines wondering what to do next. Apart from changing the frequencies and moving the gain and volume sliders up and down, I'm not left with much else to do. I'd like to know a lot more about receiving signals from Satellites in space or the International Space Station.

Living next to Waddington air base  (About 4 miles down the road from me) in Lincoln would give me plenty of stuff I could be listening to over there. Besides, there are loads more uses for SDR that I haven't even begun to understand and it could lead me to apply for my Ameture Licence at some point in the future. Getting this SDR receiver up and running would be a great help in that respect.


So any help here would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


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