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I'm trying to install impacket and responder to my BB using the .deb files provided on another thread however, my bunny doesn't seem to recognise the updated tools folder. When I copy the files, eject and plug back in, it just boots as normal and doesn't copy anything to its /tools on its linux partition.

I found a previous thread saying to delete the everything, change the version.txt file to an earlier version and run the updater but I don't wanna mess it up any more than it already is.

I've tried restoring by inducing 3 failed boots to restore to factory but that hasn't seemed to work

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Update: hey d137 I was exploring my Bunny and decided to follow the steps to give it access to the internet (with ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET SERIAL).  While I was running that payload I sshed into the OS and mounted the udisk and checked the tools folder; at some point the tools had installed and when I tried QuickCreds it ran without a failure.  Hope this helps you as well.

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