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Starbucks Authentication ?


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Hey guys, was curious... you know how you goto a Starbucks or t-mobile hotspot or any hotspot where when you log onto the wireless network you have to create a user account sometimes even pay a fee to access the web. Was just wondering what type of authentication is that? Was curious to mess with it a little bit on my network just for experience. Just set it up so once connected to my wireless lan or wired you need to create a user account before accessing the web. Thanks in advance.

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normally they have a sever to admin that ....

net ------Sever |--- USer1

......................|--- User2

......................|--- User 3

ignor the ...'s

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T-Mobile Connection Manager software, version 1.5. It will utilize a subscriber's username and password to authenticate the user using the 802.1X specification (which checks in with a central RADIUS server). This security goes the extra mile by encrypting data between the wireless client and the access point hardware in the hotspot once you're logged in.



It has its issues but generally it works for a lot of people.

Also have a look at http://nocat.net/

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This is quite the hot topic ATM in the underground traveling community. There are many ways to get it done. It would be an awesome segment to show you how ;-)

That would make a pretty good segment!


It would make a good segment but it would be hard to produce something that was informative and relatively short. I wouldn’t mind seeing a special show just on wireless technology's, securing it and getting around commonly used systems.

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Wow... :D I feel kinda special now... I never thought I'd post a thread that would seem so interesting. I agree a segment would be nice and well appreciated on this. Thanks guys for all the useful info. I'm working on setting up a domain also I assume I should be able to implement this in a domain environment also?

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Thanks SomeoneElse, This is also something I was curious about, for some reason the video wouldn't play and when I downloaded it, it appears it's corrupt, but i'll give it ago again or look for that video elsewhere if it doesn't work here no more :)

video is not required the audio will do just fine if you're not try VLC that should play it even if the video is broken

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