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wlan2 Not Connecting


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Apologies in advance if this issue is being caused by something painfully obvious - bit of a noob with the ol pineapple...

I'm trying to connect though wlan2 (USB Ralink RT5370). I can scan and identify networks, but when I enter the password and click connect, the pw form field just clears and no connection is made.

Have tried all the obvious stuff (reset, re-flashed, upgraded, proved operation of both the Ralink card and network by using with other devices etc.).

Running Kali with VBox on a Mac host with bridged connections.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!

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have you refreshed the webpage after connecting to show the IP connect to?  A lot of times I lose the field of wlan2 and have to refresh to get the ip.  also have you tried a home network analyzer to see if the pineapple connect to the router or not?

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