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Hi, so i set up my tetra. Im running a mac, plug in bu usb, and share the internet. It worked ok. Now my problem is that whenever i connect to the tetra, every time i click any menu option, it takes a ridiculous time to load, then often it doesn’t load properly or it loads the menu page i clicked but asks me to login again. This obviously is an issue since i can barely use the menu to do or check things. 

So few question, whenever i connect the tetra is it necessary to run wp6.sh again? (This doesn’t seem to change my situation, but im thinking what is going wrong) besides this, is it recommended to use the power plug AND the usb because now im just using the usb

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It is working, but it just doesnt work smoothly... Since i read the backend is php, i had a similar issue before with a site that couldn't hold sessions... no idea how to trace this back on the device though.... 

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