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pineapple.db corrupted entries


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Today I needed to fix my pineapple.db file for the second time in an hour. My ssids in pool is empty en the Home page shows 103 ssids in pool.

What I do to solve this is downloading the pineapple.db file and remove corrupted entries in the ssid table. I upload the corrected file and then I can see all ssids in the pool again.


Is there a way to prevent corrupt entries from being entered in the table?

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If I do a select statement on the table ssids I get the following error:

sqlite3.OperationalError: Could not decode to UTF-8 column 'ssid' with text 'g▒isQ▒J▒)ͺ▒▒▒▒F|▒T▒▒vZ.c3▒ɚ'


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Can anyone tell me how to execute a python script from the web interface? I wrote a script that cleans up the pineapple.db file so all SSIDS in Pool are visible again after running this script. The script is not complete yet but it is functional already. If I can integrate it in the web interface I would love to share it as a plugin for the pineapple tetra and hopefully also nano.

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On 5/10/2019 at 8:47 PM, shellprompt said:

I am seeing the same problem on a nano running 2.5.4.  @TheFont what is your method for resolution?

I am doing it manually by downloading the pineapple.db from /etc/pineapple and then edit it whit a sqlite editor. If you look at the ssids table you will see some corrupted entries. You have to remove these entries and then upload the file back to the pinaeapple.

I am working on a script that does this automatically for me. Once the script works I will try and get it uploaded as a module to my pineapple so this can be resolved via the pineapple without downloading and uploading.

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Thank you for reporting this issue - it's something I've been looking into the past couple of days to try and narrow down, but could do with some more information.

Did you add the SSIDs manually? Either by typing the SSID into the Pool management box in the UI, or by adding it to the Pool via a Recon scan in the UI, or was the SSID added to the database automatically through the "Capture SSIDs to Pool" PineAP option?

If you could attach the /etc/pineapple/pineapple.db database here, it would be very helpful. Be aware that the database will contain other information, such as Filter MAC Addresses and SSIDs, so remove those if you don't want them public.


Kind Regards,

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I have had the same issues with just PineAP enabled and collecting ssid.  usually after about 2hrs it starts recording these jacked up ssid's.  No recon adds or manual entries.  both on nano and tetra.  But have been noticing more on the nano than the tetra and my tetra is on almost 24/7 collecting ssid

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