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Pineapple to Android connections


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I recently bought a Tetra and a Nano. I loaded the apps from Google play on both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S8. I tried to USB tether to both phones to load the software per the procedure but was unsuccessful. I did the windows software update for both Pineapples on a PC to at least get then running. I use the pc  to IP connect to them. But both phones will not tether via USB or USB WiFi(supplied with the tactical option). Also, they will not see the mobile hotspots on either phone. They are up because everything else is seeing them except for the Pineapples. I presently drag my laptop out in the field when I want to use the Pineapples but would like to get this issue resolved. Any suggestions ? 

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I do not use Samsung but I do have a oneplus and every time I want to tether I have to make sure that the USB tether option is selected in the settings on the phone. I am not sure if that would help but you might want to see what connection settings you have.

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Found it! In another thread.


"Note: Atleast in some cases (such as the aforementioned Galaxy S8), the cable included with the phone does not support OTG, meaning that it doesn't support the phone being the host-device."

So I am looking for the appropriate USB3 to USB-C OTG adapter - cable thingy 

What doesn't make sense is the adapter is female and so is the cable end of the supplied Pineapple cable.




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