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Just Bought A Nano Tactical. Any Tips?

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Welcome, to this little world. As for fun things, this depends on you. For modules, you will not find mystical magic.

If you ever needed a wireless swiss army knife, this is it. Like a swiss army knife, it is really really good at a few important things but has features that might come in handy like a toothpick or less-than-adequate tweezers.

You will want to know the general functions of this tool and the rest is basically your skill. The modules help to put some pieces together.

Your skill as an operator depends on you and what you do.

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Hey there. I created this thread a while back to act as a sort of bookmark system for myself to track information I found useful. I find myself going over it once in a while and keep picking things up I had forgotten I read.  It hope it helps.

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On 5/3/2019 at 9:30 PM, Pastel_Skunk said:

Hey guys, just bought my first wifi pineapple (nano tactical with anker battery, upgraded antennas, and the usb wifi dongle).

Any general tips or fun things to try out to learn it? Any module suggestions?


I found useful info, general tips and instruction at docs.hak5.org

First of all, read that documents then you can test some features on your devices (phone, laptop,etc...) by deauth, tracking, try to force them to connecting your Fake AP.  
Try to find out Karma, Dogma, Beacon Reponse and Auto Harvester (former name) form Hak5 guides. In my case, i usually using Dump1090 module to watching flight. 

I hope this will help you.

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