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How to find a specific person in the area


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i was wondering.. how can you find a specific client (cell phone, or notebook) in an area if you don't know previously the mac address?.

are there any modules that allows you to "take a snapshot" of currently connected mac addresses? so, you can go to a next please following that person and if there is a match of the mac address there is a chance that that mobile is from the person you are looking for (excluding yourself of course);

i guess this will also by a good practice to see "over your shoulder" if someone it's following you phisically 

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There is this presentation which does essentially that. Unfortunately it seems whoever the presenter is he hasn't gone anywhere with the technology. It's an interesting concept and I'm absolutely sure commonly used by people that aren't mentioning it to anyone. Probably healthy to leave your phone in aeroplane mode whenever you can.


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