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LAN Turtle IOC's ?


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I wanted to ask around before I create my own for the LAN Turtle but the current OIC we have is for ANY realtek device with PID  8152. Basically looking for out of the box file paths or if anybody has a Process monitor log or created OIC's for it before. I also wanted to know if there any different revs I am missing (the one I got was in a little envelope  lily about 1-3 yers old. So I can add IOC's for them.


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UPDATE: looks like as far as USB everything else is dynamic... I used USBDeview.exe from sysinternals to sort out the bits. I plan to look at what drivers it uses with process monitor and go from there. The issue there is it may be different from win 7 to 10 or builds of windows etc...

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w00t the old alert was triggering on ANY 8152 (realtek) Device ... these added modload triggers will minimize false positives tested with only windows 10


q=modload:rassstp.sys modload:rtux64w10.sys (regmod:enum\usb\vid_0bda&pid_8152)

added modload:rassstp.sys to confirmed use of LAN turtle to reduce false positives 


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