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Ver. update and issues


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Since updating the Nano i have issue with Evil portal. i set it i set the Filter to the SSID, i unhide the SSID and receive an unable to connect to the SSID. so i enabled the management SSID logged into it and the portal appeared?? the logs also collected the info entered yet when i hide or diable the management SSID my open SSID still refuses the connection.

ive flashed it, ive removed the SD card ive saved the portal internally and so on ive checked the routing and so on yet still this happens. also the recon will sometimes time out with no results despite being in a test enviroment.


any ideas clues or reasoning???????

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Sorry? no i wont as i dont speak that way and to be honest neither do a lot of people. if you are able to understand my description then you can reply in the same vain if not thanks i will wait for someone who does know the answer.


PHP is pre built and the all the correct coding inserted. this worked and then the firmware update and now it doesnt 

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