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Ethernet USB and Burp Suite


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Hey everyone,

I just came across some issue and can't really explain and maybe someone of you has a hint.

My pineapple is running via USB, I have an SSID, an iPad is connected to that SSID and internet connectivity is available (I can browse websites).

I would like to start BurpSuite now on the USB Ethernet IP, listening on port 80 and 443. 

When I keep on browsing on the iPad, I don't see any traffic within Burp. When I check Wireshark, I do see the traffic coming from (the pineapple) to (the default USB ethernet gateway).

Does anyone know why Burp doesn't pick up the traffic?

Any idea is highly appreciated!




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i'm no expert, so take my comment with a grain of salt. Doesn't Burp need connected to the directly connected iface of the web app? or can it pick up traffic anywhere on the wire? Can you connect it to Wlan0 or whatever iface the ipad is connected to. I'm reaching here ... I can tell. Seems like it should work how you have it set up.

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Hmm, never used Burp for external proxy but I am suspecting it is a proxy issue.  I have only tried Bettercap.  I am on my phone so forgive typos.  Change burp back to default.  Localhost 8080 for http and 8443 for https.  Now, hopefully you are on Linux and create these iptable rules.  I am not in front of machine so if you are using hak5 wp6, you will have to see if any rules will bypass yours and insert in place accordingly.

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i usb0 --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 8080

Of course do the same for 443 to 8443.  That may work.  This you all do on your computer, not pineapple.  I will have to test it out to see though.  

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