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Help on cracking this password dump?


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Hi, new here, and completely new to hacking.

I am currently taking a course in Comp Net Sec. Been having isseus getting into this windows server 2k8 machine.

I am currently doing a pentest project... I can use all the resources I want, so don't worry about me cheating or anything. The professor was going to help me anyways in a few days, I just want to get this resolved ASAP (finals are around the corner, so are projects this week).

To start with the background:

-I was given 3 OS's, I am to crack all 3 passwords, and exploit all 3 vulnerabilities.

-I got an XP OS, Win server 2k3 OS, and win server 2k8 OS

-I was given a clue to start at win 2k8.

-I was also told that the wordlist for this OS was a clue, from the book BELGARIAD.

Steps I've taken:

1) Open armitage

2) run the hosts

3)run Nmap scan (for OS)

3)looked for vulnerabilities under attacks (didn't help much).

4) did a hail mary, got into the PC

5) took hash dump from meterpreter (using registry method)

6)Ran ophcrack, with all the free tables (no dice)

7)Ran Johnny, no dice.

8 ) Ran johnny with all the words from the book

9) created a wordlist, using wlm (wordlist manip) (mixing the words up)

10)Ran Johnny again, no luck.... Johnny was setup using raw-md5 for hash format.


Here are my dumps:



If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Please keep in mind, this is still very new to me, and i have not been taught much outside of wlm, johnny,(the basics of) armitage, and ophcrack.

I know there's other ways to get in, i just haven't been taught by the professor, so I dont know.... I've also been googling for 2 weeks now, and youtubing tutorial everywhere with no luck!

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