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USB Rubber ducky (Issue) Need help from USA

May Sliman

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Hi Guys , Yesterday i face a big problem 

I live in the  Israel - which is not within the list and immediately i choose the US shipping companies - (MyUs) myus.com

i has  choose Express shipment and i pay to Hak5 30USD


Now it's arrived at Florida ( Myus Company  Location )


And lastly ūüė쬆they Declined to export it to israel not because it's not allowed in my country¬† , Because (MyUs ) ask about license to send it to me .¬†¬†


They send : 

Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your merchandise that was in review:

USB Rubber Ducky (5A002)

Unfortunately, our Trade Compliance Team has determined that your merchandise is: 

classified under a restricted Export Control Classification Number and cannot be shipped to you without a license from the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security

At this time, MyUS.com does not ship items requiring export licenses nor those that require the use of a licensing exception or exemption.

We cannot send any item that falls under the above classifications to an alternative US address such as a friend, relative, or another shipping or transportation company.

Please instruct us how you would like to handle this item by (4/15/19). If we do not hear from you, we must proceed with properly disposing of the item(s). 

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and would like to advise you of your options for this merchandise:

1. Return the merchandise to the merchant. Please obtain a Pre-Paid Return Shipping Label from the merchant. There is a $7 processing fee to prepare a package for return with a Pre-Paid Return Shipping Label. If you cannot obtain the Pre-Paid Return Shipping Label, then we can return the package to this address via FedEx Ground directly from your account. The return shipping costs would be charged to your account with us: 

2. Have us properly dispose of the merchandise. There is no fee for this service.

We look forward to your reply. 

Best regards,

so please tell me what i can do ? i need help i will pay to them 11 usd just for return it to HAK5 so 41 USD is the value of Rubber usb . !!!!!! so why this happen with me ??   



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In short you asked for something that they are not let ship to your country, to be shipped via a reshipper.

And it got caught.

Legally, Hak5 owe you nothing. They shipped to the address you gave, in the US. That is where their duty of care ends.

So you can ship it back the Hak5 and get a refund. That'd be it.

Also to quote from https://shop.hak5.org/pages/policy#shipping



Delivery to hotels and freight forwarder and international shipping consolidation services are prohibited and Hak5 is not responsible to lost or undeliverable packages shipped to these locations.


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Harsh import control to these middleeastern countries iv noticed. Its not everywhere but mainly just there.??????       I guess we were having big fight there  10 yrs ago.!!!!!    Only guess. Or maybe very religiuos or strict laws from the leaders of the countries. Who knows kindle store is the same way.

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