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Whats wrong with Armitage?

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Been using Armitage with no issues. However the last couple of days it seems to be not working correctly. When I click on to do an attack analysis right as I click I get the message that Attack Analysis is complete. First time it did that I knew it was too quick. All of the computers in my viewer have done the same thing. I also get only the two options under attack that are always there. So I went down my list of computers in my viewer with the Hail Mary and everything comes back with:

Finding exploits (via local magic)
[*] Sorting Exploits...
[*] Launching Exploits...
[*] Listing sessions...
msf5 > sessions -v

Active sessions

No active sessions.

So does anyone know what may be happening here. I have uninstalled and purged and reinstalled 3 times and nothing changes. The this is that it works in Metasploit but I am not as familiar with Metasploit as I am with Armitage.

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Have you fixed this?  I'm getting the same issue.  Running updated Kali.  I purged and reinstalled metasploit-framework framework2 and armitage.  But it's still not working (and I'm still seeing my hosts)  Now I have to try purging postgres.

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I have not. I am running Kali on 3 machines. One is a Vbox running Kali and the two others are laptops dedicated to a single Kali instance. I have this same issue with all three. Armitage seems to be useless, at least in this matter. I have a call in to the creator however when he called I missed it so I called him back and waiting for a return call.


If I get this fixed I will post here and please can you do the same?

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