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Compile GoLang for BashBunny


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So, I am working on a Intro to Golang workshop for my local hackerspace when I remembered I wanted to try something.  I looked up the specs for the BB and seen it uses an Arm process and runs linux.  Same as my pis that I cross compile Go code for all the time.  Time to try something.  So, I made a simple hello world and compiled it for arm5.  scped it over to the BB and ssh into it and ran it and there was my hello world.  I then may a http server that when I send a Get request, I get hello world back.  It worked.  All is working so if you want to mess around and start using Golang for your payloads, the command to compile to the correct architecture for the BB is below.  Remember if you want to publish your payload here, it cannot be compiled so you will have to publish the source for others to compile themselves.

env GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm GOARM=5 go build


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