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having issues with openvpn


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I have reviewed the Hak5 video from Jul 6, 2016, done by Darren and Shannon(btw very great presenttion).

I performed your steps on on a Raspberry PI 3+ with no problems. When I go to run sudo openvpn client

I just am unable to access to from an outside location to my house.


Need to know what you need in order to provide me any insight on how to get this to work.

Thanks in advance


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I'm helping someone else with a situation not much unlike yours.  Are you just trying to connect to your RPI remotely?  The video you are referring to has a VPS in the cloud.  Are you using that?  Are both the RPI and your laptop accessing that OpenVPN server in the cloud?  If not then you'll have to do some routing on the RPI side to get it to work.  Check out this diagram.  The top is what Darren and Shannon did on Hak5, the bottom is more of your traditional VPN where you have to open ports and do routing.  Just replace the Server 2012 with your RPI in the diagram.



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