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2.52 firmware of the PineAP plugin does not work

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Guys. Probe requests aren't working for me after upgrading to 2.5.2! I have performed a firmware recovery and it works until upgrading again. Any ideas or suggestions?

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PineAP I have the following checked....

PineAP Enabled

Log PineAP Events

Client Connect Notifications

Client Disconnect Notifications

So when I do a recon scan and select a device, select Probe Requests, it says "No Probes Found. Is probe logging enabled?". I also noticed that if I select "Allow Associations" from the PineAp menu and watch logging I get no requests here also.

Filters are set to: Allow, Deny

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Forgot to mention I am also seeing this in the System Log:

daemon.notice. netifd: radio 0 (3005): Failed to connect to hostapd - wpa_ctrl_open: No such file or directory

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Just an Update#####

I have posted about his issue on the Hak5 forum, Hak5 discord board and on Darren's new YouTube video lol. No suggestions, answers, responses as of today. 

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7 hours ago, Foxtrot said:


This thread is not for the issue that you are experiencing. Please, keep posts on topic. OP had an issue with PineAP not starting - you are having an issue with probes.

Understood.......Just trying to bring some attention to the probe request issue lol.

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