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Why is everything so Expensive?

Devan Sugars

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I am a vivid supporter of Hak5 and have been ever since I started they were the first people I awaited them to upload there next videos but I have yet to buy a single product from Hak5 for the single fact that if I bought one thing I would be using up 2 weeks worth of my salary which is not fun in the slightest but I absolutely the simplicity behind all there devices yet I still look for clones and cheaper versions on youtube for diy's and ebay I do not hope to get pity off of this im just genuinely wondering why everything is so expensive thank you and awaiting your reply.

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It's not all that expensive considering the development cost, support cost etc.

If any one of their devices are two weeks worth of your salary, then in all honesty you need a better job.

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Bro, we all have money problems. Recently I started filling my car with 95 instead of 98 and I stopped going to my favourite coffee store (where the cute girl casually flirts with me every morning). I now have to resort to drinking that instant shit in the office with all the other miserable staff that work there which only serves as a reminder of how much I hate my life. Still, I wouldn't walk into BMW and in front of all the staff and customers demand to know why BMWs are so expensive when I can buy a Toyota for a quarter of the price.

If Hak5 let customers decide how much they want to pay for their products then they would probably end up like that restaurant in the city that tried to do the same thing. I never actually got a chance to try any of their food because it doesn't exist anymore but you get the point 😉

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