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Lost in network interfaces


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I've got a dumb question (but if I don't ask, I'll stay dumb, so.. :) )

I can clearly figure out which network interface is used for what on the Nano, so when using modules I usually pick up a random one until it works as expected.. that's not really satisfying.

Typically I cannot start the DNSSpoof module on wlan0, when for me it's supposed to be the interface used for wifi client connections, so where I'm supposed to see DNS requests and be able to inject.


So basically, the Nano has the following network interfaces:

  • lo: the loopback interface (pretty useless here)
  • eth0 : the network interface attached to the male USB port ? So why is the address not set on this one ?
  • wlan0 : the Wifi interface used to attach clients
  • wlan0-1 : the Wifi interface used for scanning and other ?
  • wlan1mon : ?
  • br-lan : a bridge merging all interfaces like a soft ethernet switch ?


Could someone complete and eventually correct these assumtions?

Thanks a lot !


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